EBS Optimizer makes it easy to optimize the EBS volumes attached to your EC2 instances for lower costs with often better and more predictable performance, and is also installed in minutes.

The main use cases are converting all EBS volumes within an account to GP3, or catching any volumes remaining after an incomplete manual conversion of volumes to GP3.

Here's a typical example of the savings generated by EBS Optimizer for a relatively small AWS customer.

You can also generate EBS Optimizer cost estimates using our

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For a bit of history, I started building AutoSpotting in 2016, then worked at AWS to help the largest customers in EMEA save millions and/or get massive performance improvements with Spot and Graviton.

Besides my tools, I'm now also offering a wide variety of cloud optimization services, based on my extensive experience in the cloud optimization space. I also share my knowledge through my LeanerCloud podcast and YouTube channel.

I'm working with a few customers, helping them throughout their cloud journey with much deeper interactions and more comprehensive services than I used to do while working at AWS.

Rollouts at scale of my tools in large organizations

Custom development for AutoSpotting or EBS Optimizer

Driving FinOps culture transformation initiatives for large companies

Setting up and supporting Karpenter at scale

Fractional FinOps for small companies and startups

Startup advisor and fractional CTO

In this short video I introduce myself and talk about my journey so far.

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