EBS Optimizer makes it easy to optimize the EBS volumes attached to your EC2 instances for lower costs with often better and more predictable performance.

How EBS Optimizer works

Each EC2 instance uses at least an EBS volume as its main storage device, much like your computer's hard drive.

There are multiple volume types, each with different cost and performance characteristics, overlapping to some degree.

People often use suboptimal configurations, like GP2 or IO1 where they could use more cost effective GP3 volumes.

You may switch from other volume types to GP3 with no impact, while your instances are running.

Here you can see a brief demo in which we converted a GP2 volume to GP3 for 20% savings and better performance.

EBS Optimizer Benefits

Up to 90% Savings

EBS Optimizer converts existing GP2 EBS volumes to GP3 for up to 20% savings.

For IO1 and IO2 volumes you can get up to 90% savings with the same IOPS and throughput.

Same or better performance

GP3 volumes offer better and more consistent performance than GP2 volumes smaller than 170GB.

Above 170GB we can compensate to match GP2 throughout/IOPS, but is still at least 8% cheaper.

Covers any EC2 workloads

EBS Optimizer can cover EBS volumes for any of your instances.

Often you get GP2 volumes when launching 3rd party AMIs or even when using higher level AWS services such as EMR or EKS.

Continuous operation

Your EBS volumes are monitored continuously.

Any sub-optimal volumes are converted automatically, to avoid waste generated by using suboptimal volumes.

Seamless conversion

Volumes can be converted to GP3 without any impact to the running instances attched to them.

After a short conversion time you just pay less money for them.

Get started in minutes

Install in less than 5 minutes from the AWS Marketplace using CloudFormation.

Converts all your existing volumes to GP3 without the need for any further configuration.

Free onboarding

We will help you get started during a short video call, completely free of charge.

We'll also explain how everything works under the hood.

Inexpensive, pay as you go

Charges first month of savings through your AWS bill. Requires no special contract or credit card.

Free volume replacements for a year.

You can also generate EBS Optimizer cost estimates using our

Savings Calculator ➔

Here's a typical example of the savings of a relatively small AWS customer.